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September 29, 2011
Hard As A Rock
Ballbreaker (1995)

Comic #69!  What's that?  This isn't the 69th song I've posted on this website?  FUCK YOU THAT'S WHAT YOU THINKoh it really isn't.  Hm...  Well, even though this isn't song #69, we're still gonna celebrate some fantastic sexual innuendo in rock with the indisputed masters: AC/DC!  When the singers of AC/DC write lyrics, they often include some thinly veiled sexual innuendos.  But when the Young brothers get to write lyrics, every song becomes a penis-filled ejaculatory Fuckfest of naughty talk!  This album has lyrics written by the Young brothers.  That should explain the title of the song, the album, and every word uttered thereupon.  And this song kicks ass!  Enjoy!


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