6: Torrent Slasher

Slash's solo album, which is simply entitled "Slash", is by far one of the best rock albums to come out of 2010.  The album features twelve different singers, (14 if you count the non-album singles Paradise City and Sahara), ranging from every different era of rock, from the 60's to today.  Thus, the tracklist ends up being a very eclectic mix, ranging from heavy metal to pop rock to acoustic to ballads.  Now for the analysis.  Slash's guitar playing is the best I've heard from him since Guns N' Roses.  The riffs and rhythms are catchy, memorable, and badass.  Hard hitting songs like Doctor Alibi featuring Lemmy Kilmister, and We're All Gonna Die featuring Iggy Pop harken back to those great 3 or 4 chord songs from the 70's.  The guitar solos are well-executed masterpieces that always leave me wishing they were longer.  The ballady song Starlight featuring Myles Kennedy has one of my favorite solos of all time, traversing speeds and chord structures, all while maintaining the song's beautiful aesthetic.  The biggest surprises on the album are definitely the love song Gotten featuring Maroon 5's Adam levine, and the acoustic song Saint Is A Sinner Too featuring Rocco DeLuca.  Gotten is absolutely beautiful, Adam Levine's voice is fantastic, and the guitar remains pretty while never overpowering, and Saint Is A Sinner Too is a great and unconventional song that definitely doesn't sound happy, yet you'll still find yourself relistening to it.  The choice of singers for each song is flawless, each one playing to their specialty, and melding perfectly with Slash's playing.  There are no cons to this album.  Everyone - classic rock fans, modern rock fans, people who aren't rock fans - should buy this album.  There is literally something for everyone on it, and yet most people will find themselves keeping almost every song.

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