70: Alter Creed

Scott Stapp, the singer from Creed, is not a bad singer at all, but he is a huge pretentious jerk.  I really think Alter Bridge is an underrated band, even if they are just a metal version of Creed.  Creed sold 28 million records with their first three albums.  Alter Bridge has sold under two million with their first three albums, and Myles Kennedy is an amazing singer.  Show them some love people!  I really love Myles Kennedy as a singer, and he seems like a really cool dude.  His singing with Alter bridge sometimes forces him to sing like Scott Stapp, but when Kennedy performs with Slash on his solo endeavors, he finally gets to let his full range out, and it's AMAZING.  Creed has gotten back together again, recorded an album, and are thinking of touring again next year, so the two bands have ended up being like Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell, different band names depending on their singer.

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