75: Top 10 Greatest Fictional Rock Bands

Another honorable mention that did not make it on the list is the band A.D.D. from the movie The Rocker, whose songs are written and performed by pop singer Teddy Geiger.

If you'd like to waste some time and be entertained in the process, here's are some links to see all these bands in action.  Sex Bob-omb.  Timmy and the LOTU.  The Rutles.  Steel Dragon.  Massacration.  The Wonders.  Infant Sorrow.  School Of Rock.  DethKlok.  Spın̈al Tap.

Now, there are a few other awesome bands that have been left out of this list, either intentionally or by accident.  The Monkees and Tenacious D, two amazing bands which started out on TV shows, were both excluded because I consider them to be REAL bands.  Here's the difference: the rest of these bands are fake because their members are playing fictional characters, but The Monkees and The D perform as themselves, using their real names.  They just happened to have their start on TV, but the bands and members weren't made up.  Another band that I completely forgot about was The Blues Brothers, a personal favorite of mine.  I'm ashamed of forgetting them, because they easily would've reached the top three on this list.  Now, luckily, I get to use the excuse "it's OK, they're a BLUES band, not a ROCK band," but everyone knows that the line between the two is so thin that it doesn't even really count.  I'm sorry Jake and Elwood!  Please forgive me!

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