86: New F0nT

Surprise!  Today we get a special 8-frame super-comic!  That's because I pretty much needed at least 6 panels to get everything I wanted to do to fit in this one, so I decided to double up!  It also meant I got to spend all night playing around with all my fonts!  Yay fonts!

Time for shoutouts!  I'd like to give a very special thanks to   "fbiggles"    for the amazing, drunken, typo-ridden hate email they sent me over the weekend.  I have only one thing to say to fbiggles, and that is: Well done, sir or madam.  I accept your drunken, incoherent criticism and keep it as my own!  You are a true gentleman or lady with absolutely no threat of alcoholism whatsoever.  And might I say it was absolutely adorable how you tried to put coherent thoughts together.  Good day to you.

Now for some REAL shoutouts!  A big huge thanks to Devin (aka some.dude), Anthony from Pennsylvania, and Rhiannon (aka battastic) for their awesome letters, kind words, and amazing knowledge of all things rock n roll!  Those guys are totally awesome.

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