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October 25, 2011
Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll
Bon Jovi
Keep The Faith (1992)

This is one the many great bluesy rock songs from Keep The Faith.  Bon Jovi's earlier songs like Livin' On A Prayer are definitely badass hair metal songs, but I don't think anything can compete with the amazing classic rock sound that this song illustrates.

Fun Facts about this song:  Bon Jovi are among the many artists to use the phrase "Vaccinated by a phonograph needle" in their lyrics.  The term is supposed to imply that music is in your blood.  Other artists to use the phrase include Aerosmith in their song "No Surprize", and David Lee Roth in his song "A Little Ain't Enough".

Another great line from this song is "Every little boy wants to learn to play guitar, so he can pick up all the chicks and be a rock and roll star."  Too bad that doesn't work as well nowadays.


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