90: Lack Of Black

Yes, it seems uploading late has become something of a habit for me.  Sorry to everyone in Australia, for whom it's probably Saturday by now!  Yikes.  Now, time for some awesome new bands, courtesy of my readers!

First thanks go to Jannik from Switzerland, without whom I would never have heard of the band Amon Amarth.  These guys are a Swedish death metal band who write Viking and Norse-inspired songs that KICK SERIOUS ASS.  Their music has helped me get more into death metal than I ever was before, so check them out and prepare to wipe your face off the floor.

Second shoutout goes to Jess from England, who introduced me to two new bands this week.  The first is The Crushers, a Russian band that emulate great 60's style guitar riffs and tones.  The next band is The Jude, an English pop rock band that is gaining popularity in the live scene there.  They mix ska-influenced lyrics with straightforward rock/pop beats, giving them a great and unique style.  Check out both of these bands if you love Indie music.

Lastly, as you may recall in comic #28, I make the determination that Black Sabbath has had the most band members ever.  Well there is one other band that gives them a run for their money.  The band is Public Image Ltd, which is John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten)'s post-Sex Pistols band.  When counting only full-time members, Black Sabbath remains the highest, but if you were to include session musicians and temporary members, PiL beats out Sabbath 52 to 40!  Depending on what counts as being a "member", there are now two bands sharing the spot at number one!  This info courtesy of reader Jamie Egeberg.  See you Monday!

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