93: Th1rt3en

Today we see the return of Dave Mustaine and Metallica!  I drew Metallica simple on purpose tonight, I actually think they look really funny that way.  Plus that gave me more time to focus on my review of Megadeth's newest album, Th1rt3en.  Check out the MUSIC page today to hear a song from it.  Now let's get to it!

Here's the conversation that was going on in my head after listening to 13.  How good were the songs on this album, Kevin?  "Dude, they kicked freaking butt!  This is some good metal!  8/10 score at least!"  Ok, but how good, unique, or significant is the album compared to any other Megadeth or Metal albums?  "Oh... ugh... well... then, i guess maybe 6/10..."  And that's what I've decided to go with.  Here's the good and the bad of the album in detail, which should explain what I mean.

Any Megadeth fan listening will immediately find themselves in a metally explosion of awesome the second they begin the album.  Every song is classic Megadeth material; fast-paced thrashing, hard-hitting slower riffs, and Dave Mustaine's signature vocals still going just as strong as they were thirty years ago.  The mixing is so close to perfect, everything being clear and reaching fantastic ranges, the only thing that could've been improved is if they turned the volume up a little on the guitar solos.  A small complaint against a monstrous production success.  Though there are clear favorites for me, every single song was worthwhile and entertaining, and I kept them all.  This album is a collection of nothing but good songs.

There is a downside though.  Megadeth, especially 21st Century Megadeth, has always had a problem with making their songs recognizeable from eachother.  Even with different riffs and compositions, it's very difficult to actually remember which song a particular riff goes to, because it sounds like 5 other songs they've already done.  In fact, listening through 13 I had several moments where I could've sworn I had heard a particular song before.  The songs on 13 are extremely similar in style to their last album, Endgame, and with similar production quality, so I honestly would not be able to tell which album I was listening to if it came on my iPod . . . which is something I've encountered with all there last few albums.  So yes, 13 is a collection of awesome songs, but it's a whole lot of the same awesome.  They don't bring anything new to the table to differentiate this album or the songs from previous ones, and therefore the album loses significance.  If someone was short on spending cash and had to choose carefully which records to buy, I would recommend skipping this one and just listening to Megadeth's last record again, cuz it's pretty much the same.

So, if you are like me, and love good rock music in all of its forms, unique or not, you will love this album.  AND I MEAN LOVE IT.  IT HAS NOTHING BUT AMAZING SONGS.  However, because of the reasons stated above, the album as a whole fails to earn as high a ranking as I initially thought.  Due to its lack of originality or significance, Th1rt3en by Megadeth earns a score of 6/10.  Still above average, and still better than many other Megadeth albums, but there are too many albums more deserving than this one for it to be graded as highly as them.

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