96: The Reprimanding

Damn, Cassie's laying some cold hard truth out on her sis.  This comic seems pretty straightforward, but I was actually practicing how to draw the last panel over and over until I found what I call the "magic angle" for Cassie.  Tomorrow we get a little bit more of the story, can't wait!

Over the weekend I got to watch a great movie about ANOTHER fictional rock band!  There are so many more of these than I had ever thought there would be.  This movie is a 1978 film called The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash, and is a splendid parody of, you guessed it, The Beatles!  Featuring members of Monty Python and Saturday Night Live, the film chronicles the history of the Liverpool band The Rutles, in a hilarious hour of mockumentary parodying.  Check out this movie in 8 parts on Youtube.  Big thanks to reader Tim Schweichler for introducing me to the film!

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