98: What Ozzy Says

We're back to music comics again, and that means I got to do one with simple artwork to let my create juices recuperate.  We're working on some good additions and fixes for the website, which will hopefully be implemented soon.

Also, do you guys like Metal Operas?  You know, like rock operas, but with metal?  Well if you do, you will definitely like these two bands I was told about:  Avantasia and Ayreon.  Avantasia's albums are chock full of kickass solos and awesome thrashing riffs, served with an entertaining side of storytelling.  I really enjoyed listening to them, and they're the kind of band you'll love to include in any rock or metal playlist.  Ayreon plays a more symphonic operatic style, with more strings and ambience and background mood incorporated into their music.  You'll often hear some celtic or medieval influences in their music, but there's a metal feel from start to finish.  Theirs is the kind of music that would go great as a soundtrack to any epic movie/game/virginal sacrifice.  These bands were introduced to me by Andrew from Australia.  Thank you Andrew!

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