101: Sabbath Reunion

Thank you to Mike T. for sending me this news literally right after it was announced, I didn't even need to find out on my own!  Check out their site for details here.

Next, there are a bunch of people I'd like to give shoutouts to today. First is Leo from Britain who introduced me to the band Deep Kick.  This band is brand new from Switzerland, its members are only 20 years old, and they are incredibly good.  I have never been so impressed by a band so young.  The band's style and music is directly influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and they pull it off very well.  The bassist has mimiced Flea's incredible bass playing down to every slap, and their live shows are incredibly hectic and entertaining.  Now, even though I'm not as big a fan of funky pop rock, I had the pleasure of buying some of their tracks here, because I'd like these guys to stay around for quite a while.

Next some big thanks to Saku from Finland for such an excellent email, and Andy from Brazil, a huge Sabbath fan whom I'm sure is happy about this reunion.  Thanks you guys!.

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