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November 14, 2011
Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath
Live & Loud (1993) [Ozzy Album]

This is technically an Ozzy Osbourne live album, but this track was included on it, and is a recording from Black Sabbath's reunion show at Costa Mesa.  This was one of their earliest and most influencial songs, and I'd like to say one of the first heavy metal songs to contain "evil notes," a term I coined to mean those demonic or dark notes, like the main riff of this song, that became the signature sound of heavy metal.

Now, I know Ozzy's singing on this song isn't very good, he wrote a pretty bad vocal line for this song, but IF YOU'D LIKE TO HEAR WHEN IT GETS REALLY GOOD, MOVE THE CURSOR 2/3 OF THE WAY DOWN.


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