103: Blitzkrieg Bop

The Ramones are very entertaining, but their songs all quite literally sound the same.  If you want to hear proof, listen to this song here, and then listen to this entirely different song from another album.

Next, I have two new bands for you guys, courtesy of Ariel from Brazil.  They are The Parlor Mob and Hogjaw, two American bands that started a few years ago, and they are both INCREDIBLE.  The Parlor Mob has an absolutely amazing singer, and they write great riff-driven songs with a lot of blues elements to them.  If you like Wolfmother (which I do), you will also like the first album by The Parlor Mob (which I do).  Hogjaw is equally impressive.  Their riffs are so totally badass, and they have a really great Southern Rock sound.  Their singer has a very noticeable and pleasing Country drawl, and many of their songs contain a lot of Bluegrass elements to them.  Thanks again, Ariel!

I'd also like to give big ups to Gerhard from South Africa and HasJam from Pakistan, who both totally rock and shall be adorned with praise from all.

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