106: Legend Of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword comes out this week all over the world, and I can tell you that the first four hours so far are awesome.  We don't get to have very many outstanding titles for the Wii, but on those rare occasions when we do, they are the best games ever.  The game is packaged with a complete CD of fully orchestrated Zelda tunes and medleys from the past 25 years, which is a special bonus for VG music lovers like myself.

On other music related topics, I learned about a band over the weekend called Countless Thousands, a very new band that are just starting to find their sound in the pop rock genre.  Though they still have a long way to go in terms of developing their style, they do already have two songs that I really like.  You can listen to those songs here and here.

Today there are several fantastic humans who have earned my appreciation and whose names shall be recited with FERVOR!  Soph from England, thank you for the fantastic letter, you're a dear, love!  Rob from Botswana, your knowledge of fictional bands is enviable and leaves me humbled!  And lastly Andres from Someplace, your email was extremely fun to read and they are always welcome!  Thank you mighty humans!

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