107: Highest-Selling Album

This isn't for any special occasion, I just really wanted to do another AC/DC comic!  Back In Black is still the highest-selling record by any band in history.  Damn you Michael Jackson for making Thriller.

Would you believe that I have even more people to give shoutouts to today?!  That's right, and even more tomorrow, holy crap!  Stop being so awesome you guys!  I want to say thank you to Connor from He-Didn't-Say for an email that was short and sweet, but still left me smiling.  The same goes to Armin from Germany, whose email was much longer and just as meaningful to me.  Last thanks go to Eric from New Jersey, whose questions allowed me to prattle on about my own comic, which is of course comic something I like doing comic.  More comics and shoutouts tomorrow, see you then!

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