108: Number One

Let me just go over here and have a nervous breakdown for a second, be right back.  wimper...

You know guys, sometimes I'll get an email that is so long, crazy, and hilarious that it deserves it's very own day for a specific mention.  I recieved such an email a few days ago from one JT from Finland.  This email was one of the longest, wildest, and funniest things I have ever read, and kept me thoroughly entertained through all two and a half pages of ranting.  So congratulations JT for winning the outlandishly long, awesome, and crazy email award.  You, my friend, are a pioneer.  And just to put icing on the cake, JT took the time to make a signature that looked like this:

       _     ________
      /\ \  /\___  ___\
      \  \ \\/__/\  \__/
      _\  \ \    \  \  \
     /\ \ _\ \    \  \  \
     \  \___/      \  \_\
       \/__/         \/_/





          Well done, indeed.


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