109: Steve Vai

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!  Today is the day we celebrate the great turkey genocide of 1582, when the pilgrims and their best buds the American Indians finally discovered the magic of cranberry sauce, or something.  No one actually knows why we celebrate Thanksgiving, though our elementary school teachers would have us believe that it somehow involved the Indians showing the Pilgrims how to grow corn.  It's a time for stuffing our faces and spending time with our families, which for me means flying to New York City to see my best friend and staying in his food-devoid college dorm. :)

A few announcements today: first of all, the LINKS page is up and running again!  It was out of commission for a little while, but it is back up and I will continue adding sites I like to it.  Next, I'd like to thank Mircea from Romania and Loes from the Netherlands for their emails, both of which were fantastic, and which made my day after reading them.  See you guys tomorrow!

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