110: The Party

I reached a very cool milestone recently.  As of this last week, 3-Chord Dorks now has regular readers in more than 50 countries!  W00t!  I'm global now!  I want to thank all of those readers who have continued to come back for some reason.  You guys prove that not only is rock and roll still alive, but it is loved by people all over the world.  It humbles and excites me to hear from all you other fans of the genre, and I will keep doing my best to try to entertain you guys with drawings of cartoon nerds.  To celebrate reaching this milestone, I WILL BE UPLOADING NEW SONGS TO THE MUSIC PAGE 7 DAYS A WEEK FROM NOW ON!  I know how most webcomics don't upload on the weekends, which means there's always a lull in things to read on those days.  So I want the people who come back on the weekends to always have something new to waste their time with.  Starting this weekend, I'll be uploading songs everyday, even on Saturdays and Sundays.

In related news about awesome readers, I would like to give a shoutout to Juan from Spain, whose email made me feel like I was doing something important by drawing cartoons. :)  Thanks Juan!

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