111: The Party, Part II

Lots of news today everybody!  First of all, we got a new music player for our MUSIC page over the weekend!  No more gray Quicktime bar!  Not only is this one more sophisticated and fancy-pants looking, it should also appear and play correctly for everybody, no matter what web browser you use!  Very awesome, am I right?  If you experience any problems with it, or if the player takes a long time to load, just refresh the page.  That almost always fixes it.

Next, I have a kickass guitarist to share with you all, named Charlie Parra del Riego.  His YouTube channel has plenty of kickass thrash and speed metal, LIKE THIS!  You should definitely waste some time going through his videos, and you might just find a song or two you want to buy!  Charlie Parra was introduced to me by a fan whom I mentioned in another post as well, Armin from Germany.  Thank you Armin!

Lastly, I have several people I would like to thank for their emails over the weekend.  These guys all made my holiday weekend just a little bit better because of it.  Lasse from Finland, you're awesome and your country has great metal.  Maria from Connecticut, I hope I get to be as cool as you are someday, but that's probably impossible.  Panos from Greece, you should know that, to an American, your name sounds like a Greek god.  Which is fitting because you are indeed godly.  Gabriel from Venezuela, your email led me on of the best music hunts I've had in a long time, thank you, and you have excellent taste.  Remember these names puny mortals!  For they shall lead us all with their mighty awesomeness of being awesome.

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