113: The Party, Part IV

Remember my shoutout to Zack from the Earth yesterday?  Well he introduced me to a great Viking Metal band called Tyr.  It's called Viking Metal because their songs all use references to Nordic history and Norse mythology, and because they sound like battle hymns and marches, so they're perfect if you're about to go out and pillage a small town.  It is some good metal, check them out here.

Next, to Oscar from the Netherlands, the emails I sent to you as replies were rejected and sent back to me.  If you could tell me a different email address to write to you at, I'll be sure to answer all your questions.

And I'd like to thank Ailim from England and Rafhael from Brazil for their emails, as well.  Too much positive attitude from all you guys, my face can't take this much smiling.  Stop it.

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