114: What Happened, Part I

[Edit]  This page was originally only 4 panels long, but has since been redone and expanded.  The original version of the story was something I had always been unsatisfied with.  Due to poor planning on my part, I felt the need to rush through the entire thing, skimming some parts and skipping others, and the end result was nothing like what I had intended.  So I finally went back and re-did the story the way it was supposed to be, at a proper pace and with proper planning. [/Edit]

Rush from North Carolina (who wins the award for best-actual-first-name-ever) brought up a good point to me today.  He mentioned that it was a little unclear whether the guy in the bottom comic was new, or whether he was the same guy from high school.  He's a different guy, the first guy was just a prom date and was never Jolie's boyfriend, so she wouldn't be referring to that guy as "her ex".  This explanation is for the people who might have been confused by that.

Today, special thanks go out to Logan from Florida, who knows that good music is key to survival, as he says.  I don't have much else to say, so here's a link to hear a song from Logan's favorite band, The Sword.  A heavy metal band sometimes referred to as "stoner metal," because their music and image are influenced by old 70's heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath.  And, you know, people were high back then, and stuff.  Good band!

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