116: Subject Change

[Edit]  This is the final page of the story that has been redrawn. (Which means the page after this is going to look terrible in comparison.)  The original page was 4 panels long, but was expanded to help the story transition better from the previous pages to the next one. [/Edit]

I love video game music, you guys.  It is totally beautiful, totally badass, and totally nostalgic, and the amount of covers and remixes you can find of it online is staggering.  If you had any idea how much I'm going to talk about it in the future, your mind would probably explode.

Now, would you guys like some awesome things to click on?  OF COURSE YOU WOULD!  Well then, Mr. Shouty, here's a video of a great band called Clutch.  If I had to define their style I would call it progressive blues, if there even is such a thing.  Here's one of my favorite songs by them, one that I had heard a long time ago, but never knew who it was by.  This song kicks ass, and god damn the harmonica player freaking wails on that thing like it's the last jelly donut in existence.  Special thanks to Eric from New Jersey for sending me links to the video.

Next, I'd like to thank Helen-Louise from England for bringing some archive problems to my attention, I really appreciate the heads up.  Thanks to Brent from North Dakota (or somewhere close), whom I sent a response to that probably wasn't very satisfying, but it was one that made me laugh, so thanks for being a good sport.  Also thanks to Jenn, whose brother is apparently going to be an awesome 3-chord dork himself, and David, to whom I hope I gave some good recommendations.  Neither of them apparently live anywhere, so I'll say they're from Latveria.  Thank you to all who wrote in.  See you tomorrow with whatever this strip could possibly be leading into.

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