119: ArtificialFear

ArtificialFear may have some of the best guitar solos of any video game cover artist.  Watch one of his amazing Zelda covers right here, and then you can see plenty more on his YouTube channel.

Thanks to a reader named Sam, we get to add The Little River Band to our list of bands with the highest number of members, ever!  With a total of 34 full and part-time members (though it's hard to tell how many of each), The Little River Band earns its spot right up there with Black Sabbath and Public Image Ltd.  Thanks Sam!

Now I'm going to make up some random names and thank these imaginary people for no reason.  Christian from Canada (totally not real, I swear) deserves thanks for once again teaching me that classic rock is still alive to some of the younger generation.  Next, Bernardo from Brazil (also completely fictional), deserves a shoutout for being a big fan of video game covers.  If these guys were real, I would have totally appreciated hearing from them!

Lastly, I know I've been uploading really late recently, I'm sorry about that.  I'll try my best to get new comics up a little bit earlier! (snicker...)

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