121: SongeLeReveur

SongeLeReveur was one of the earliest of these artists to start making videos, and his sound is by far the prettiest.  Listen to an absolutely beautiful cover of Aerith's Theme from FF7 by clicking here, and then I urge you to watch more videos on his YouTube channel.

There are a whole bunch of people I need to thank today, so I'm going to save a few of them for tomorrow.  But for now, you will all grovel at the feet of Luisina from Argentina, a bonafide fan of AC/DC, who proves once again that there ARE girls out there who like them.  Next, bow down to Madleen from Germany, a huge fan of punk rock whose letter was absolutely adorable.  Lastly, Jacob from Indiana deserves a big thank you for introducing me to even more great video game rock covers.  You three are amazing, so stay that way.

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