122: CSGuitar89

SongeLeReveur is the only one of these guys who keeps to himself on his YouTube channel.  All the other artists mentioned are part of the CSGuitar89 Community.  CSGuitar89 has the most subscribers, and by far the best sound quality, of any video game cover artist, rivaled only by SongeLeReveur.  His downfall, though, is his very infrequent update schedule.  To hear a kickass song by him, click right here, and then check out more videos on his channel.

Are you guys on the edge of your seats to find out who gets thanked today?  OH MY GOD The suspense is killing you!  hnggggggggg . . . Alright, I'll tell you!  Maxime from Canada, who found this site thanks to FamilyJules7x!  Apparently his fans are freaking awesome too!  Also, a kickass girl named Lunch from Mississippi, who I've had the pleasure to get several emails from.  Thanks boys and girls!

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