125: Metroid Metal

This is the only non-Youtube artist to be featured during these weeks, and that's because Metroid Metal is very special to me.  It's actually what started my love of video game metal covers.  Metroid has some of my favorite music, and Stemage's skill at arranging the songs into kickass progressive metal is unparalleled.  To listen to one of his most famous Metroid Metal songs, click right here, and then go frakking nuts over on the website, Metroid Metal!

Stemage has also composed the soundtrack to an Xbox Live Arcade game, and the whole soundtrack is nothing but badass metal after badass metal.  For an extra bonus, here's a link to Stemage's Bandcamp Page, where this whole soundtrack can be listened to, and downloaded, at a name-your-price option.

I can't possibly wait until Monday to give shoutouts to all the people who deserve them, so get ready bitches, here comes everybody!  Michael from Panama, you are awesome and your love for Led Zeppelin is enviable to all!  Jeff from California, I know there are a lot of cover artists you love, and I promise I have not forgotten about them!  Jonathan from New York, thank you for the kind words, your email made my day!  Zarifkharail from Malaysia, your love of Dream Theater is well-deserved, and completely shared by myself!  And to "AC/DC Fan," it's amazing to know that there are other people out there with such an extensive knowledge and love for my favorite band.

Whew!  my gratitude glands are tired!  Oh, wait a second, glands!  You've got one more person to thank, and it's none other than video game cover artist Jam2995.  Thank you for the email, man, it was amazing and it pretty much proved my point that you copy everything that FamilyJules7x does, since he also sent one.  Bam!  Double K.O.  :)

Lastly, I realized that I forgot to put up songs for Saturday and Sunday last weekend.  I've remembered this time, so be sure to check back each day this weekend for more songs!  See you guys on Monday!

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