126: Epilogue

Oh my god, you mean this was all part of the same night?  MIND BLOWN.  It felt really good to be drawing Arya and Cassie again after them being away for so long, so I threw in some awesome angles to boot.  The video game cover comics were a huge deal for me, it was something I'd been wanting to do for a long time.  Which also means I put a lot of mental energy into it, and I was exhausted, woo!  Totally worth it, though.

Over these last two weeks I received a whole slew of emails from people wanting me to talk about their favorite cover artists.  I heard a lot of names that I know and love, and a few that were brand new for me, and all absolutely amazing of course.  If you have a favorite video game cover artist or band that I didn't get to mention yet, have no fear!  This arc being done doesn't mean I'm done talking about cover artists forever!  There are a whole bunch of great artists that I didn't get to mention that I will probably bring up at some point in the future.  In fact, there are two artists that I think deserve mentions right now.  First is an incredibly talented guitarist known as Erock.  He's done several video game covers, and whole bunch of other songs, turning them all into mind-blowing metal.  Check out this sweet ass video of him shredding to songs from Castlevania.  Another good cover artist with some songs I really like is this guy known as Johnny Death.  He's done quite a lot of videos, and also has an excellent metal sound.  Here's one of my favorite songs of his, a cover of Big Blue from the game F-Zero.  That'll be all for a little while, so thank you to everyone who emailed me with links and names and gloriousness that is video game music.

Speaking of thank yous, there are quite a few great folk who deserve them today!  I'd like to give an overdue thank you to Jorge from Spain, who has given me the names of several amazing bands that I am excited to listen to more of in the future.  You guys will definitely be hearing more about that soon.  Thomas from Australia also gets a shoutout for the same reason, thank you dude!  Then there's a certain Limey Bastard by the name of Stephen from England who I had the pleasure of hearing from, and hope to hear more from in the future.  WANNA KNOW WHO ELSE?!  How about Aarón from Costa Rica, who is one of the several people to have brought up Erock to me, thank god you guys did.  Are you guys even still reading this?!  Well you should be, because the last guy to get a shoutout today is none other than DisasterMaster from Germany.  That's right.  DisasterMaster.  The Master has called unto me, his faithful servant, to feed me words of ultimate wisdom.  And those words are apparently "I like webcomics".  Thank you to all the people mentioned, you are all kickass and the very reason I love doing this comic.  See you tomorrow!

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