128: Kevin DuBrow (1955-2007)

I was super excited before listening to Quiet Riot.  I was all like, "OOH Quiet Riot!  I've heard a lot about them!  This is gonna be sweet!"  And then the whole experience ended up being utterly disappointing, mostly due to Kevin DuBrow's voice.  Their first two albums with Randy Rhoads are just God awful.  The only excuse I found for why Randy Rhoads' playing was so subpar was something he said after joining Ozzy Osbourne.  He said he was "never able to play the way he wanted to play" while he was with them, and that being with Ozzy he could finally do what he wanted.  I'll take his word for it, because the difference between his performances is mindboggling.

There are a few really awesome bands that you guys can check out today, should you feel so inclined!  The first is a Norwegian Alternative band called Kaisers Orchestra.  They span quite a few different genres with their music, and all their songs are weird and pretty and in Norwegian.  Oh, and there's a gas mask in every one of their videos.  A FREAKING GAS MASK, THAT IS AWESOME.  Check out my favorite song by them here, it's one of their guitar-heavier ones.  Special thanks to Vegard from Norway for introducing me to them.

The second band is at the complete opposite of the spectrum, they're a metal band called Amorphis.  Some of you may have heard of them, they are fairly popular already.  Check out a video by them here and prepare to punch someone in the face.  I was told about these guys by Lasse from Finland.  Before I sign off I would also like to thank Gouka from Argentina for the awesome Mega Man cover he sent me.  Keep rocking dude!

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