129: The 4 Stages Of Aerosmith

I guess we'll just have to make due with new albums by the Joe Perry Project, but everyone knows it's just not the same.  The last album of original Aerosmith songs was Just Push Play, released in 2001.  They did release one cover album, though: Honkin' On Bobo (2004).

Hey, did you guys know that the soundtrack to the video game Command & Conquer: Red Alert is awesome?  Because I didn't until just the other day.  It features a lot of hardcore electronic metal, as well as the great guitar stuff we all love.  Check out the most popular song from the game right here, a song entitled "Hell March."  Thanks go out to Barcel from Poland for the link, I never would have found out about the soundtrack otherwise.

Another band as well!  And once again, it's at the opposite end of the spectrum as the one above.  This is a band known as Os Seminovos, a Brazilian pop-rock band.  They have some good songs, and some bad songs, but they are undeniably hilarious, especially their music videos.  They will have you laughing even if you don't speak Portuguese.  Here are two great catchy songs by them, the first is about not being able to afford an iPhone, and the second is about counterfeiting money.  And as a special treat for all the anime nerds out there, they have a song about that, too.  Check it out, it's mildly NSFW, but doesn't show anything bad.  Thank you Bernardo from Brazil for the link to their website, I had a lot of fun watching their videos.  I think I've plugged enough links for today, so I'll see you guys tomorrow!

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