130: Full Page Rant: "Sucks" Vs. "Don't Like"

Sorry Blaze Bayley fans, that's just my opinion about him.  Here are the videos that I mentioned in the rant.  First, Lady Gaga doing an amazing duet with Tony Bennett.  I abolutely love this song.  The second is a clip of Lady Gaga doing a solo piano rendition of her song "The Edge Of Glory".  This is a video that I was deeply moved by, and one that  I believe proves her talent as a singer.

But enough about all that, there are some other people who deserve to be mentioned today, as well.  The first is Sam from California, who asked my opinion on some very good guitarists.  Which ones they were will remain a secret, I don't wanna give away possible comics about them. :)  The second is Jonathan from New York, who sent me a link to a hilarious metal song by the band Steel Panther.  Thank you, both of you, it was awesome hearing from you guys.  To everyone else, I hope you all have a good Christmas weekend, and I'll see you all again on Monday with another exciting installment of 3333-Choooord Dooorksechoooooo!

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