131: Pirate Metal

Yes, there is in fact a real genre known as Pirate Metal!  Here's a video of the popular Pirate Metal band called Alestorm, which was first introduced to me weeks ago by the amazing Daniel from Denmark.  Is the music stupid and gimmicky?  Yeah, it really is.  But if that's true then WHY DOES IT ENTERTAIN ME SO MUCH?  Thanks go out to Daniel for this hilarious video.

I have been receiving so many emails from you guys over the weekend that I wasn't even able to respond to most of them yet!  That is amazing and I love the enthusiasm you guys have for sharing your favorite music.  I promise to get to all the people who emailed very soon.  But first I'm gonna listen to the myriad bands and videos you guys told me about, because you don't deserve no half-assed emails after all that work you went through!  There is one guy I can mention for you now, because I know you guys want new people to worship UNCONDITIONALLY BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME.  And that person is, of course, Anthony from ____.  Thank you for the email, Anthony, keep rocking forever.

What's that?  Did I receive anything nice for Christmas, you hypothetically asked?  HELL YES.  GAZE UPON MAJESTY.

        And here's the back:   (image not working because Kevin's an idiot.)

My sister-in-law designed and ordered this shirt for me by stealing my artwork and editing it without my permission, and thank the lord baby Jesus of Rocklehem that she did, because this is an absolutely incredible gift, and it means so much to me.  Thank you Sarah, not only were you one of my very first readers, you've shown me nothing but support for my desire to draw cartoons.

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