132: Guns N' Roses

If I wanna hear great GNR songs played live, I'd much rather go to a Slash concert than a Guns N' Roses concert.  Here are a couple fun GNR facts for you guys:  The band is named after its two founding members, Tracii Guns and Axl Rose.  Tracii Guns quickly left to reform his own band L.A. Guns, and Slash became the new guitarist.  Also, the song "November Rain" holds the record for having the longest guitar solo of any Top 10 hit.

The first person I want to talk about today is the recipient of the coveted "Most emails in a single day" award.  The Great Garrett from Alaska had so many fabulous things to say about Indie rock that one email could not contain it.  Every few hours I would receive another email saying "Oh, I thought of something else now!", and then another, and another, each more entertaining and insightful than the last.  He has shown an unprecedented level of committment to a great genre and I think we should all be envious of that.  Thank you Garrett, for ALL the emails.  Next, I'd like to send warm tidings to the intrepid Jackie from the Netherlands.  I am the first webcartoonist that Jackie has ever emailed, and don't worry, I was gentle and made sure to cuddle afterwards.  Jackie is not only an amazing 3-chord dork herself, she also told me about a band called The Brew.  This is a father-son-friend band from the U.K. that has some of the best live guitar playing I've seen in quite a while.  Check out this flawless cover of the song Little Wing, done in Stevie Ray Vaughan's style.  Thank you Jackie!

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