Song of the Day

December 27, 2011
November Rain
Guns N' Roses
Use Your Illusion I (1991)

Oh look!  A song I mentioned in the comic post is conveniently placed on this page for you guys!  What an unexpected surprise!  This song not only has the longest guitar solo of any Top 10 hit, it's also one of the longest songs itself, at over 8 minutes in length.  But I do hope you'll stay through the whole song, it's really quite good.

November rain is the first song of a trilogy on the Use Your Illusion albums.  The three songs are supposed to work together to tell one story.  The other two songs in the trilogy are Dont Cry and Estranged, which are both equally as ballady and somber as this song.  The story they tell is of Axl marrying a beautiful woman, seeing her die on his wedding day, and then slipping into a suicidal depression.  You know, happy things.


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