133: Wasting Light

Wasting Light by the Foo Fighters is an excellent album.  I was actually surprised by my own review of it, because they got a much higher score from me than I had anticipated.  In short: it's awesome, the songs are a great blend of pop rock and heavier alternative, and you should definitely listen to it.  You can check out my favorite song from the album right here on the MUSIC page.

Let me start off by saying that I'm not the kind of person who keeps every song he listens to.  Every single time I get a new album, be it this one or an old Iron Maiden album, I will listen to each song and decide if it's worth keeping or not.  The number of songs I end up keeping really shows how good that album was.  So how many songs did I keep from Wasting Light?  ALL OF THEM.  And that doesn't happen for very many albums, either.

The abum was recorded in Dave Grohl's garage, which means the production quality is lower than most studio albums.  But this actually has a wonderful effect on the music.  The rawness of the recordings adds a new level of power to the guitars, and actually enhances the experience rather than hindering it.  If Metallica's St. Anger was a garage band experiment done horribly wrong, Wasting Light is that same experiment done absolutely right.  In addition to the production, the songs themselves are catchy, well-written, sometimes soft and sometimes hard.  The genre is definitely closer to pop rock than hard rock, a genre I tend to favor much less.  That is why my score for this album was so surprising to myself.  8/10.  That's right, a full 8/10.  Rather than trying to compare how good this album was to the other albums I've reviewed, I instead chose to ask myself "How badly do I want people to LISTEN to this album?"  I would rather have people listen to this album than Chickenfoot III, and that got a 7/10!  But Revival by The Answer still beats out this one, so Wasting Light holds steady at a solid 8.  That was way higher than I thought an alternative rock album would get from me.  Go listen to it.

In unrelated news, I was told about an Icelandic folk metal band called Skálmöld last week.  I tend to think that folk metal bands are too much folk, not enough metal, but these guys have a good mix that doesn't overpower either.  Check out their most poular song here, from their debut album, "Baldur".  I'm not actually fond of the singer's voice in this video, but I will let you guys decide that for yourselves.  Skálmöld was first introduced to me by Böðvar from Iceland.  And then I would also like to thank Jason from Texas, a huge Pantera fan.  And let's be honest, that's not a bad band to choose if you had to pick a favorite.  Thank you Jason and Böðvar for the emails!

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