134: Volbeat

Seriously, a bug pokémon with low stats, that doesn't even evolve?!  F**k that!  I'm watching you GameFreak!

I'm actually most excited to see Motörhead, because they've only been touring around Europe this whole last year.  Megadeth is going to be awesome as the headliner, and I'm going to let the live show determine my stance on the other two bands.

I've got several new bands and fun facts for you guys today, all courtesy of some kickass readers like you!  First up is an absolutely amazing guitar player from Brazil, named Gustavo Guerra.  He specializes in beautiful guitar instrumentals, and is one of the most entertaining technical guitar players I've listened to in a long time.  And he can't stop smiling whenever he plays, it's freaking adorable.  Check him out here, shredding to a badass song in this video.  I was told about this guitarist by Marcelo from Brazil.  Next up is a band that I think is crazy frakking awesome, a band called Sinergy.  It has a female singer who kicks serious ass with a hard-edged rock scream, and lead guitar played by Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom, one of my favorite guitarists.  The band is now kaput, but check out one of the awesome songs they left behind right here.  This band courtesy of Zack, who I've heard from before, but who still apparently doesn't live anywhere.  For your fun fact of the day, we have a new band that might just beat out all the rest for Most Members Ever!  The band is Murphy's Law, which has had a whopping 57 full and part-time members over the course of its career.  Gosh DARN that's a lot of members!  Thanks go out to Brian from Illinois for the info about this band.  And last but not least, a huge thank you to Erika from Sweden/Denmark for all of her kind words, long emails, and innate love of Rammstein, it was fabulous hearing from you.  See you tomorrow!

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