135: 30 Years From Now...

Rolling Stone has once again released a new "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" list, and once again I have problems with it.  Rolling Stone has always been biased, because they don't seem to know the difference between "favorite" and "best", but their new list really helped to clarify some other things about them as well, like their album reviews.  Even when I agree with Rolling Stone's list choices, or even when I agree with the score they give an album, I almost always disagree with their reasoning.  This list literally said things like, "I got a car ride from this guitarist, and he seemed pretty cool.  Top 20!"  The same goes for their reviews; I have found that most of their album reviews have completely irrational or irrelevant reasoning behind them.  Which is unfortunate, because a reviewer's score is never as important as what they actually say, and that applies to my reviews as well.  Out of all the different reviewers I've read from, the one I have agreed with most frequently is Allmusic.  Thus far, their reasoning has been sound.

Now I have a brand new announcement to make!  Are you guys ready?  RSS FEED!  That's right, the next update I'll be doing for the site will be to add an RSS feed for anyone who wants to subscribe.  I have gotten numerous requests for one over the last few months, and now I'm finally going to get one set up.  It should be up and running at some point over this next week!  Perfect for the New Year!  Yay!

Next, I received a very special present from one of my readers that I would like to share with everyone.  Jorge from Spain, a great guy who has emailed me before, got together with his buddies and made a cover of T.N.T. especially for me!  Inspired by my comic #47, they recorded a video of themselves playing the song, which you can check out right here!  Now I'll be honest, Jorge... you guys sound pretty inexperienced.  But I want you to know that the gesture is deeply meaningful to me, and this video has now become one of my favorites.  Thank you, all of you guys, so very much.  You rock.  And before I leave I'd like to quickly thank a few other people for their emails over the last few days.  Tyrese, who gave me some good advice for the comic; Sandra, who was interested in the different artists I listen to; and Cameron, who corrected some of my history about the band LA Guns; thank you to all you guys.  And lastly I'd like to give shoutouts to Josefin from Sweden, Brady from Texas (and everywhere else in America), and Gary from New Zealand.  That was a lot of names, but it was great hearing from every single one of you guys.  See you all in 2012!

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