136: Iron Maiden

The number of studio albums Iron Maiden has released?  15.  The total number of compilations, live albums, videos, box sets, and video games?  36.  Gosh darn.  Time for bands!  SO MANY BANDS!!!  The first is a band called Bang Camaro, which was introduced to me a month ago by Maxime from Canada, and I'm FINALLY getting around to them!  They have a great classic rock sound and some really good guitar songs, I highly recommend their songs to lovers of classic rock.  Here's their most popular video, turn up the sound high because the volume is low!  The next band is a bit heavier.  You may have heard of these guys: the band called Symphony X.  They have a really kickass symphonic metal sound and some equally kickass guitar riffs.  This is a great band, check them out royt heya !   Remember Zack from Fucking Nowhere?  Well he still lives Fucking Nowhere, but he's also the one who introduced me to this band, so thanks Zack!  And lastly we are getting even heavier still, with the screaming thrash metal band known as SYLOSIS.  Some of their guitar rhythms really remind me of Metallica's first album, but the singing brings it much closer to death metal than Metallica ever could be.  This link is a link.  And the credit for this band goes to Zarif from Malaysia!  Thank you sir!

Now before I announce all the names of my favorite emailing dorks today, I wanted to say something on the subject.  The number of emails that I've gotten has consistently risen over these last few months, and so of course I'm doing more and more shoutouts.  Now, the last thing I want is for these posts to become long and repetitive for you guys, so my solution has always been to find different and entertaining ways to tell these amazing folks "thank you."  Another solution to the growing number of shoutouts would be to make a whole new section on the side of the page that lists all the people I'd like to thank for that day.  I AM NEVER GOING TO DO THAT.  EVER.  That would be a cheap and easy way to write off the enthusiasm you guys show me, just to save space and time.  Every single person that I want to thank here deserves nothing less than a thought out, personal message from me.  So I'm going to continue with the shoutouts like I have been, even though I know it might make the posts long on some days.  I love you guys and you deserve that much from me, at least.  That being said, let's get right down to it!  First I'd like to thank Jeroen from the Netherlands for introducing me to several great Metal Opera bands that I will be excited to talk about at some point!  A similar thanks goes to Jim from Canada, who brought up one of my favorite video game cover bands!  To both of you, thanks so much for the band recommendations!  Lastly I'd like to thank Shaad from (*shrug*), Sarah from (*bigger shrug*), and returning customer Eric from New Jersey (*unneccessary shrug*) for all of their kind, inspiring, and just downright friendly emails.  Who'd have guessed there were nice people on the internet?!

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