137: The Sexiest Thing

My dad will not understand this strip.  Also, I think a girl teabagging someone on XBox Live is the funniest thing on the planet.

I was recently told about a radio program called the Metal Mumin Radio Show.  This is a UK radio program devoted to playing songs by unsigned rock and metal artists.  I've listened to a few episodes and have absolutely loved it.  There are so many great songs on this program, and the host Caz Mumin is a sweetheart.  Anyone looking for new bands to listen to, or anyone simply wanting to hear some great unsigned rock and metal artists, should definitely give this show a listen.  A new episode airs every other Wednesday at 7:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).  You can listen to all the episodes on their site, RechargedRadio.com, or you can download them as free podcasts on iTunes.

Special thanks today go out to Arne from Norway and Brian from Mexico, you guys are both awesome and I loved hearing from you!  Another big thanks to Axel from Germany for all of his questions, which I hopefully answered, or at least vaguely circumvented without his noticing.  Ramon from, I'm going to say, Ramonland, for giving me some great ideas, and for his well-placed loved of Joan Jett!  Great choice in music, that one!  And last but not least, I want to thank Isaac from Spain for suggesting the new Tumblr link that's just been added at the bottom of the page!  You guys can now post these comics to your Tumblr blogs, and it's all thanks to Isaac!  You guys kick ass, see you all tomorrow!

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