138: Miyazaki

Time for Metal Operas!  Yeah!  More of that glorious symphonic metal story-telling!  These were a few of the bands that Jeroen from the Netherlands told me about.  The first is called Aina, a band comprised of many, many, MANY talented metal musicians.  They all got together to record a single metal opera, called Days of Rising Doom, and there are a lot of great songs on that album.  Here's one of my favorites from it, this song has a great guitar riff to it.  Next is a band called Kamelot, a symphonic metal band that has done concept albums similar to metal operas.  This is a song from The Black Halo, one of their really popular albums.  Enjoy these out-of-context story songs!

Yesterday I received an email from Elvis DD, who is none other than the bass player from the band Hogjaw!  He saw the comic I did about them and loved it, and said some really nice things about the comic.  And so to Elvis, I'd like to say thank you very, very much, it was an honor hearing from you.  Hogjaw has a new album coming out in a few weeks, I hope you guys will pick it up!  Next, a big thank you to my main man Nicholas from Facebook, who mentioned me on his "Laugh A Day" group page.  That is greatly appreciated!  And then how could I forget to thank Biz from Canada and Finland?  That's right, Canada AND Finland!  Even though I know what that really means, I can't help but imagine a disembodied head being carried around in Canada while her body types out an email in Finland.  She's given me some great band recommendations that I'm sure you guys will hear about soon!  Thank you Biz!

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