139: Black Spiders

This really happened.  I cried on the can.  The band Black Spiders was founded in 2008, and although they haven't become very popular yet, they started getting noticed by magazines and promoters really quickly.  They've played at Download Festival and Sonisphere, two huge European concert festivals, and they've opened up for both Airbourne and The Answer.   I . . .  LOVE . . .  BLACK SPIDERS.    I was first introduced to them a few weeks ago by Barcel from Poland, and they were one of the best suggestions I ever could have gotten.  I bought their album and all three of their EP's, and I almost bought a shirt from their website until I realized they were sold out.  I have fallen in love with this band. Their guitar tone and riffs sound like a mix of many classi rock bands like Black Sabbath, Kiss, and AC/DC, and aside from that the songs are FUCKING INCREDIBLE.  The singer's voice is nothing like Ozzy's, just so you know, but he's an amazing singer.  To hear an awesome song of theirs on YouTube, click here.  And as a special bonus, I've uploaded another one of their songs to the MUSIC page.

Who are the lucky winners going to be today, Rich?  Well, Bob, it'll be none other than Chase from Mississippi!  Come on down!  You're the next contestant on "Your Email Was Awesome!"  And next up, Bob, we have Chris from The Great White North: Canada!  Glad to have you with us today, Chris, hope you win some big money!  These are some kickass looking contestants, Rich, but who do we have to compete against these folks here?  Well, Bob, I know just the person, and she goes by the name of Sus3an from Texas!  Come on down!  It's a pleasure to meet you Sus3an, but of course we still need one more, Rich.  You're right, Bob, and rounding out our contestants today will be the lucky Nate from Oregon!  Come on down!  You four will have the chance to compete for a wide range of fabulous praise and admiration!  Here on "YOUR . . . EMAIL . . . WAS . . . AWESOOOOOOME!!!"

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