140: Jack White

One of my readers described Jack White's guitar playing as "Amazing in that 'how is he making those sounds come out of this instrument?' kinda way."  Very appropriate description for Jack White, who, like a lot of artistic geniuses, lacks any sense of modesty or human courtesy.  I went on an internet-wide search for any video where he didn't sound like a pretentious asshole.  Not a single video exists.  But today I have two videos for you guys of other equally astounding guitarists; in fact, these are some of my favorite videos on all of YouTube.  These guys are both awesome in that "How is he making those sounds come out of this instrument" kinda way, and the songs are fantastic.  First is a video by MIYAVI, a famous Japanese rock star.  I have been a fan of J-Rock for a while, and MIYAVI is the package deal:  unbelievable guitar playing, beautiful voice, and fabulous stage presence.  The video is quiet, so turn the sound up, and then check him out here.  To those of you unfamiliar with the J-Rock style known as Visual Kei, one of the major aspects of it is for the singers to look as androgenous as possible.  MIYAVI does that very well.  This video was originally sent to me by Lunch from Mississippi.  Next, turn the sound back down, and check out the God-like technical skill of this guitarist: Jon Gomm.  The song that he plays is very smooth and relaxed, and the first time you see what he does in this video, your mind will be f**king blown.  Enjoy.

In news, I spent all of last night listening to 99 Luftballons, and trying to decide which version I like the best:  The 1984 Nena original, the 2009 Nena remake, or the Goldfinger punk rock version.  OH ALRIGHT, FINE.  I know what you guys REALLY want to know about is the RSS Feed!  My web designer and I are currently in the process of creating and styling one right now, and we hope to get it done sometime real soon.  I want to make sure everything about it functions perfectly before providing it.  And until then, have a great weekend, and see you all on Monday!

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