141: Van Halen 2012

Tickets for the American (and Canadian) tour go on sale on January 14th . . . OK, so I guess it's THIS week technically.  No international tour dates have been announced yet, hopefully they will be.  For tour schedule and tickets, visit the Van Halen Website.  Arya in this strip is displaying my doubts about the new album and tour, and how I'm a little worried that they'll have lost their touch.  Kevin, on the other hand, represents the RATIONAL part of my brain, which is currently going "OHMYGOD OHMYGOD VAN HALEN  THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!"  This will be my first VH concert, and David Lee Roth was my favorite singer of theirs, so I'm very excited about the tour.  And now, for a few other bands today, I'd like to introduce The Wildhearts, a British punk band.  They never got extremely well known, but they have some really good songs.  Here's one of their great recent ones.  Thanks go out to Stephen from England for telling me about them (like a freaking month ago, seriously, I'm slow).  Next is an epic/folk metal band called Ensiferum.  I say epic because their themes include a lot of Battle/fantasy/Lord of the Rings-type influences.  I like the sound of these guys, here's one of their really popular videos.  Biz from Canada/Finland is to thank for this band!  And now, something special.

        For a weekend like this one, with emails galore, my talent for poetry I felt I'd explore.  A wond'rous list, and just slightly so daft, for which commonplace prose I would never dare draft.  The names go as follows, and for your pleasure, read as I SHOUTOUT these names with incomparable speed.  I'm no Dr. Seuss, and for that there's no hope, but seriously, fuck Dr. Seuss, because this shit is dope. (yeah, son.)
        First there was Ele, a great Spaniard who, after three or four emails was finally through.  But alas, I was schooled in quite many a band by this awesome and wise Spanish Folk Metal fan.
        And Kid-Friendly Mo, who's from Germany so I assume he loves metal cuz that's all that they know.  While his tastes sometimes vary, it is really quite clear that his favorites are whoever played Wacken that year.
        Or how about Jonathan, who decided to share a few views about bands that he felt he'd declare, saying "Pearl Jam is awesome, and so is The Who, but I really hate Reggaeton and I think you should, too."
        From the faraway land known as Toronto, CAN, lives a man goes by Joe, and he asked for a stand.  "For your thoughts on Black Keys, are you 'Yay' or a 'Nay'," and to which I replied "I am 'Yay' all the way."
        There was Alex from England, whose sister I know, cuz she emailed with praise not just one month ago!  A man in a band who effectively planned to tell me of band, after band, after band.
        And also from England, a radio host, a rocker who now I am honored to toast.  From the show Metal Mumin (it's my favorite show), Dj Mumin delighted by saying hello!
        And Elie from Nowhere (I haven't a clue), who claimed that my comic rings pleasantly true.  Of Zeppelin she spoke, as if recently woke from a slumbery daze to a haze of black smoke.
        And next to the winner of Funniest Mail, a Norwegian named Gøran who told me a tale.  "A tale?" so you ask, "Yes a tale," I reply.  'Twas a tale about Opeth brought tear to mine eye.
        And last but not least, to the friends who returned, wrote before, now again, it's my love you have earned.  All the names that I call you have heard once before, but are clearly deserving of mention once more.  Like Barcel from Poland, and Jorge from Spain, who recommend artists with little refrain.  And Garrett, Alaskan, who frequently writes several emails at once, and yet always delights.  And Sandra from Somewhere, I'll make up Japan, with David there too, who's a Van Halen fan.  And lastly to someone I've heard from a lot, a sweet girl named Lunch who's forgotten me not, and continued to write o'er the last several weeks, so to her I say "Thank you" in polite, charming squeaks.
        And to everyone else from whom I've never heard, but has stayed and kept reading this cartoon absurd, I thank you all dearly, from my heart to yours.  Without you I might have to see the outdoors.

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