Song of the Day

January 9, 2012
Van Halen
1984 (1984 duh.)

One of Van Halen's biggest hits, and live show staple, the incredible Panama from 1984.  1984 was David Lee Roth's last album with Van Halen, meaning this new album will be the first with him in 28 years.  Dear crap.  Roth left the band for several reasons, mostly involving a whole lot of fighting with Eddie Van Halen.  Not only were they both complete assholes to eachother, Eddie wanted to take a new musical direction with the band, involving more keyboards.  This can be heard on the song Jump from this album, and a lot of songs on subsequent albums.  David Lee Roth didn't want this, and he even hated the song Jump, so he left the band.  Over the years they've reformed once or twice to record a new song or go on a tour, but this is the first time they've actually stayed together for a significant amount of time.  Hopefully it'll be awesome, and hopefully it will last.


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