143: Apocalyptica

After yesterday's comic about A Cappella metal, I decided to continue the trend of unconventional metal bands.  Coincidentally, Apocalyptica was also the second most recommended band by my readers.  Also coincidentally, this band became famous by doing a lot of Metallica covers, too.  To hear Apocalyptica in action, doing a cover of Metallica's "Fade To Black," click here!  Next on the agenda: I promised someone who emailed in that I would talk about this.  As it turns out, the notorious genre known as "Pirate Metal" actually gets many of its influences from a much older genre of music: Spanish Folk Metal.  This type of folk metal uses similar instrumentation, and frequently used pirate themes and costumes before ever being called so.  Here's a song by a famous Spanish Folk Metal band known as Mägo de Oz.  I'd like to thank Ele from Spain for teaching me about this genre and band.  Also deserving of huge super special awesome thank yous are Antony from (Oh god . . . It's full of stars!) for telling me about some more amazing metal bands, Marina from Portugal for all of her questions and interest in the comic, and finally Gage from ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY WALK INTO MORDOR for his comments and questions regarding Van Halen's new album.  Thanks to all of you guys, I loved hearing from you.

Don't you guys hate it when people don't keep their promises?  Me too!  So that's why you are allowed to hate me now, because I have to break one I made to you.  The RSS feed will not be ready this week.  Due to my web designer's pesky habit of working to provide food for his family, I cannot give a definite answer when it wil be ready.  But we will do our best to get it done for you guys as quickly as possible.  I really appreciate your guys' patience, I know you've waited a long time already.

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