Song of the Day

January 13, 2012
Pink Floyd
Dark Side Of The Moon (1973)

This song goes out to Mattia from Italy, who noticed that I had been playing mostly modern bands on here lately.  So here's a little of everyone's favorite: Pink Floyd!  This is one of my favorite songs, I'm a big fan of unusual time signatures and I love the main bass riff.  For anyone wondering, the main riff is in 7/4 timing, and then of course the song switches back to standard 4/4 during the middle guitar section.

Like the album artwork?  Everyone already knows the original; Dark Side of the Moon might be the most recognizeable album cover in history.  So I decided to make it more fun today.  :)  I really love this picture, I think of it as a representation of what this website is:  a humorous mix of classic rock and nerd culture.


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