145: Sultan Is Coming

Thank you for being so patient, everyone, sorry for making you wait for so long.  To make up for it, here's a bunch of crazy awesome links for you guys!  As a nice break from all the metal we've been listening to, today it's nothing but rock and roll and light rock!  First on our list is a kickass rock band called Halestorm.  They've got a female singer with an absolutely ball-shatteringly amazing voice.  Here's a video of their song "I Get Off" (that title's pretty self-explanatory).  Great video; a sexy rocker girl singing about voyeurism and exhibitionism?  YES PLEASE.  This link courtesy of Zack from "I'm starting to think this guy's homeless" Nowhere.  Next up is some pop rock all the way from Venezuela, brought to you by a local named Andres.  This is a band called Viniloversus, and one of their really great songs, "Amnesia Invocada".  Cool video, and for some reason there are vampires in it.  Thanks, Andres!  Last on the list is a some awesome acoustic indie/light rock.  This is a really cool performance by the band Imagine Dragons, check it out, this singer has a really pleasing, relaxing voice.  This link provided by Camillo from Chicago!

And lastly, we shall tip our collective hats to these fine individuals here.  My Lords and Ladies, introducing Quike from Spain, an avid fan of Spanish metal with excellent taste in music, if I do say so myself.  Hear ye, hear ye, now arriving, the great Mikkel Fogel-Something Something from Denmark, who, because of his crazy Danish name, I've been calling Nickelback Foghorn-Leghorn Superman.  Now returning to the floor is a man from Jordan, originally from Canada, the amazing Willem, who I can ascertain has played at least one guitar hero game in his life.  Last, but probably not least (can't be too sure) are Calvin from the Land of Emails, and then the King of that Land, the Forgemaster.  To both of you, wherever you are, thank you, and thank you to all these gentlepeople for their wondrous marvelous adjective-ous emails.  See you guys on Monday, when we finally get to meet this Sultan guy I've heard so much about!

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