146: Greeting

RSS FEED!     RSS FEED!     RSS FEED!     RSS FEED!     RSS FEED!     RSS FEED!     RSS FEED!     RSS FEED!     RSS FEED!!!!!!!

Surprise everyone!  We finally got our RSS feed done and working!  Now you can all subscribe to it and see the updates on your feed readers!  Which is perfect for comics with artists who can't keep a regular update time!  (yours truly).  Hopefully this will make up for the wait.  I'd like to thank my web designer Norm Strassner for all of his hard work on it, as well as everything else he's done for this website!  And of course I'd also like to thank a bunch of the people I heard from over the weekend!  First and foremost is an amazing reader named Mattia from Italy!  Mattia sent me one of my favorite and most heartfelt emails, which deserves nothing but the hugest THANK YOU FOREVER from me!  Next is Luciano from Argentina, a huge fan of the local Jazz scene, and Vance from The Fuck Do I Know, a huge fan of the band The Sword (same here).  Diego from Spain, who gave me the name of a great metal band that I'll be excited to talk about, thank you to all of you guys!

Lastly, I have two special things for you guys.  First is an awesome webcomic that I found very recently, and which has quickly become one of my new favorites.  This is a comic called Chaos Life, and is co-authored by the amazing Anna Stiffler and her wife.  I got the chance to speak to Ms. Stiffler, and she is a wondeful and friendly person.  Go check out their work!  And then as your final and perhaps my FAVORITE treat, I got a wonderful gift from an avid reader that I'd like to share with you all.  From the talented Sarah from Washington, I present to you: Anime Kevin!  Sarah, who's an up-and-coming artist, was kind enough to draw this anime version of me as a thank-you gift, and I couldn't have been happier!  I never realized what a beautiful man I was before!  This means the world to me, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Sarah.  I love it.

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