147: Go Ahead

I've been waking up and drawing my comics in the mornings now, instead of doing them really late at night like I was before.  This means that I'll be uploading them later, usually in the afternoon or early evening, like this one.  I think this is a really helpful schedule for me (for now), and I wanted to let you guys know so you weren't all waiting around.  But now that it's up, it's time for some music!  W00t!  We're going from heavy to light today!  First up is a folk metal band from Finland known as Turisas.  Here is a great video for their song "Battle Metal," which is a pretty good and standard metal song, but the video is what's really awesome.  I think it really shows how much the band loves their fans.  Several people have recommended these guys to me so far, so a collective thank you to everyone who did.  Next up is a hard rock musician known as Danko Jones.  Good voice and good guitar, and this video has Lemmy from Motörhead at the end of it, so I'm a fan.  I have Mattia from Italy to thank for this artist and video.  Danko Jones is a good musician, but he looks like I wouldn't like him very much if I met him in person.  I don't know anything about the guy at all, but there's something about him that rubs me the wrong way.  Lastly, we're going all the way to light Reggae for our last video.  This here is an amazing and beautiful cover of Bob Marley's "Is This Love", by the duo Meg and Bryan.  This video comes to us all, courtesy of Alex from England.  See you guys tomorrow evening!

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