Song of the Day

January 17, 2012
Pinball Wizard
The Who
Tommy (1969)

I forgot to upload a song yesterday, didn't I?  SH*T I did!  I'm sorry everyone, it just totally slipped my mind.  But here as a personal form of compensation, I bring you Pinball Wizard by The Who!  The album Tommy was the first album in history to ever be referred to as a "rock opera".  It tells the story of a "deaf, dumb, and blind" boy who becomes the leader of a cult and is worshipped as a messiah.  In this particular song, Tommy shows an unbelievable talent for playing pinball, despite his inability to hear or see the machine.

New songs don't appear on the RSS feed when I upload them, but I will always put up a song right after I upload the comic for that day.  If you see that the new comic has been posted, the song for that day is not that far behind it.


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