149: The Showdown, Part II

"Anything you can nerd, I can nerd better."  Whew, that last panel took FOREVER!  But it was so much goshdarn fun, and I love the way it turned out!  Now how about BANDS BANDS BANDS, eh?  First up is a pop rock band called Mando Diao, who have some really good songs that range from light rock to a more dance-pop oriented sound.  Here's a light rock song by them called "Down In The Past".  All hail Jorge from Spain for bringing us this video!  Next up we have a really great hard rock band called Fireball Ministry.  As Barcel from Poland, the man I have to thank for this band, put it: "a great band with a stupid name!"  Check out this video of their song called "Broken".  Awesome riff, nice growling vocals.  And lastly, a fantastic pop rock band from Uruguay that I have really grown to love over the last week.  They are called Cuarteto De Nos, and not only do they have a lot of really catchy songs, their lyrics and rhyme schemes are hilarious and spectacular.  I kept thinking to myself, "there's no way this guy can think of ANOTHER word that rhymes with - MOTHERF*** HE FOUND TWO?!?!"  Here's a Latin-styled pop rock song by them, with pictures for the non-Spanish speakers!  And because they deserve some more exposure, here's another video by them that it is absolutely hilarious.  It's a heartfelt love song called "Me Amo."  That's right, it's a love ballad titled "I Love MYSELF."  For this band we shall raise our voices and collectively thank Andres from Venezuela!

Hey, have you guys ever wanted to see your favorite 3CD characters in color?  We'll as a special treat for you, here is a 3-Chord Dorks fanart done by the wonderful Calamus from Scotland!  I love her interpretation of the characters, especially Cassie, who's my favorite in the picture.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for the blue hair.  The poses and the faces are both fabulous, very well done in my opinion, and the level of detail is incredible!  Thank you so much, Calamus, this is just so damn COOL!  Click on the image to see the full resolution.  And to see more by this artist, click here.

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